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Welcome to our site

We help you purchase a new or used car, truck, van or SUV and rebuild your credit at the same time regardless of past credit problems.

Check out our other pages, then click on the credit application and lets get started now!

If you want to find the minimum requirements in getting the loan, click on the qualifications page.

Don't force yourself into committing to an overpriced auto loan in Alberta just because you have bad credit. Reliable car dealers like New Car Canada can offer you an auto loan with a much better annual rate. They specialize in bad credit and no credit check auto loan, so you know that you are in good hands. Apply online and Get Approved NOW!

Choose the type of application that you want to submit from the button links below. You will then be directed to a secure server that will handle all the data that you have entered. Please be assured that all the data that you will submit will be confidential and will only be used by lenders for automobile purchase.

If you have questions at this point, please go to the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you need to talk to consult with a representative, please go to the contact page.

You can always call any representative at 1-800-2443441